With my Masters Thesis almost wrapped up it’s time to recommit myself to doing some regular writing on my blog. Before I get started for this year here are a couple themes I wanted to establish before my thoughts begin cascading from the interwebs.

  1. This blog will never be a conduit for me to shamelessly plug my coaching business. If it begins to smell that way then please call me out. It is my goal to write articles and share perspectives that are engaging and interesting to read. I want my posts to stand on their own as quality pieces of penmanship that are enjoyable and insightful to read.
  2. Most of my posts will focus on data, technology, and science and how to use these tools to better understand and impact athletic performance. Occasionally I’ll throw in some random thoughts and mindless ramblings to remind myself that cyclists as a group take themselves entirely too seriously and deserve to be ridiculed.
  3. This blog will err on the side of quality rather than quantity. Two posts a month is a good target for me. I’ll aim to deliver my little nuggets of wisdom on Mondays. Mondays typically find bike racers wasting time at work, searching for killer pictures of themselves wearing their best pain face in a race, and hopefully watching my race videos on Youtube. If I don’t have anything interesting to write I’ll keep my mouth shut and focus my energy on solving more vexing issues like why people feel the need to sprint for 25th place in a crit.

If any of the above sounds interesting I think you’ll enjoy the content up ahead. Stay tuned for my next post on the top 5 reasons to buy a power meter, followed shortly thereafter by the top 5 reasons NOT to buy a power meter.

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Nate Dunn, M.S.
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